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We provide one of the premier internet based employee benefit enrollment systems available today. Our proprietary system, WORKTERRA™, streamlines the management of employee benefits for the employer while allowing employees to manage and control their benefits 24 hours a day / seven days a week. Outsourcing the enrollment process secures the enrollment and benefit data in an electronic format, reduces human resource and payroll department data entry and lowers the overall administrative cost per employee.

WORKTERRA™ Capabilities
- Online Enrollment – manage, communicate & educate 24 hours a day
- Communications – provide employees with multiple options for reviewing benefits information
- Reporting – create reports in any format using any data
- Payroll Integration – enter data in one place, one time, with our single key environment
- Human Resources – all human resource information available on-demand
- Administration Services – we offer superior proprietary technology and support systems that maximize our clients’
  outsourcing options to accompany the admin services provided by EBS since 1987 (Flex, Commuter, COBRA, Retiree,
  Voluntary Insurance and Invoice Reconciliation).
- Security – the privacy & security of your information is our top priority

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Advantages for the Employer / Administrators

- WORKTERRA’s™ open-ended design allows for set-up and implementation in a short period of time
- Robust reporting capability provides over 12 canned reports as well as ad hoc capabilities
- Allows for the coordination of duties for the administration and reporting of employee benefits between human
  resources, payroll, corporate account, benefit plan administrators and benefit providers
- The system’s modular design and flexibility results in ease-of-use for employers and administrators
- The system security and user rights can be configured to accommodate different end-users, allowing for
  multiple administrators with unique user rights and security

Advantages for the Employees

- Easy-to-use interface
- Benefit information available 24 hours a day / seven days per week
- Employees are guided through the enrollment process thereby reducing confusion
- Employee and dependent information available for eligible benefit plans only
- Employee’s cost for benefits in real time
- Information entered by the employee is saved automatically so that the enrollment process
  can be stopped and started at a later time

For more information on WORKTERRA™ , please visit www.workterra.com.


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