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With our 23 years in the industry, we have developed unmatched expertise in administering Section 125 plans. We continue to separate ourselves from other third-party administrators by providing full FSA administrative services that include:
  • Establishing / updating plan documents and summary plan documents
  • Discrimination testing
  • Daily claim reimbursements via check or direct deposit
  • Ability to fax and / or mail all claim submissions
  • Online system and a toll-free IVR line to access balance and claim information
  • A bilingual call center fully-staffed with helpful representatives.

Our FSA Implementation Process

    • Upon assignment of EBS as the FLEX Administrator, an Implementation Specialist is assigned to the account. The Specialist will be responsible for setting-up the account in its entirety. Once the account is completely set-up, a conference call will be scheduled to introduce you to your EBS team.

    • A participant census including elections is requested, preferably 30-days prior to the takeover date. If the takeover is mid-plan year, we would also need each participant’s account balance. EBS is able to obtain this information through the client or by communicating with the former administrator directly.

    • If the plan is new, EBS will produce a plan document and an SPD for distribution to the participants and / or internal posting (i.e. client’s intranet).

    • All plan participants will receive a packet from EBS containing a welcome letter, claim form, bill from provider form (for Dependent Care), direct deposit form, frequently asked questions, listing of eligible expenses, instructions for obtaining access to our online system and The Benny Card information (if the plan allows for the debit card option). All documents are customizable by the client. These packets can be sent directly to the participants by EBS or given to the client for distribution to their participating employees.

  • Claims are adjudicated daily; claims can be faxed or mailed into EBS. We are currently at an 85%-90% auto-adjudication rate on the Take Care card.

  • Participants can have up to five flex debit cards at no cost. Included in the five debit cards are cards for the participant’s dependents which can be ordered with the dependent’s name instead of the participant’s name. 

  • If a request for a receipt (for a debit card purchase) is sent to the participants, we ask that they submit the receipts within 90 days. If we do not receive the requested receipt within the given timeframe, their card will be suspended until we receive the requested documentation or they pay back the account by either sending in payment or sending in eligible receipts that have not yet been submitted for reimbursement. A receipt requested delinquency report is sent to the client a week before the cards are suspended.

Our Online FSA System

Our online FLEX system allows our clients to login and view their account at anytime. Along with viewing participant information such as demographics, election data and balances, clients can run reports 24 hours a day / seven days a week. Some of the standard reports are the:
  • Year-to-Date report: shows account elections, disbursements to the participants and participant balances up-to-the-minute in real-time
  • Statement of Accounts report: shows each participant and which plan(s) in which they are participating
  • Check Register report: shows all of the paper checks and direct deposits made on the date range provided by the client.

If the client so chooses, the online system may be utilized during open enrollment. Participant’s can login and make their elections and / or the client can login and make the elections for the participants.

Our online FLEX system also provides participants the ability to login and view their account 24 hours a day / seven days a week. They can review their balance(s), claims information (last received and last paid), review qualified expenses and create a claim form online.


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