Our benefit reconciliation team acts as a point of contact with vendors and carriers, managing enrollment, employee and employer contributions, as well as vendor payments. EBS identifies and reports data and premium issues to carriers and employers, thus reducing or eliminating the loss of premium by overpayment that can occur when managing multiple vendors. Benefits of EBS’ Invoice Reconciliation include:
- Reducing employer’s administrative overhead allocated to invoice reconciliation and payment;
- Ensuring payments are made only for covered participants and their dependents by a secure and reliable tracking;
  system for benefits and status changes;
- Detecting account discrepancies, saving employers thousands of dollars in accurate invoice processing;
- Securing transfer of benefit information data between payroll, human resources and vendors. Our data transfer
  systems are the same as those used by the top banks in the United States; and
- Timely and accurate invoice payments made by our dedicated in-house reconciliation team on a monthly basis,
  once payroll reports and funding have been received.

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Employees looking to their employer for insured benefits to protect their families find EBS voluntary products meet a wide variety of their needs. EBS provides top-rated products for payroll deduction, allowing employers to enhance benefit portfolios without increasing their costs. Benefits of EBS’ Voluntary Insurance plans include:
- Enrollment services provided through the use of salaried enrollment counselors (bilingual available);
- Providing open enrollment of voluntary benefits as well as on-going enrollments of new hires throughout the year;
- High level of benefit enrollment satisfaction and enrolled benefit retention;
- EBS collects all enrollment information and works with payroll prior to the enrollment to ensure proper payroll; 
  processing of the deductions; and
- Collection of payroll deductions and remittance of premiums to the carriers including reconciliation.

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EBS provides uniquely customized Retiree Administration including:
- Collection of premiums from individuals where there is a premium sharing;
- Reimbursement of premiums to retirees from employer;
- Payment of premiums to insurance carriers;
- Recording and tracking of eligibility and payment history;
- Interaction with retirees and carriers to deal with individual retiree benefit issues; and
- Fulfillment services during open enrollments or benefit changes.

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We continue to separate ourselves from other third-party administrators by providing full COBRA administrative services that include: 
- Processing qualifying event notices exceeding the industry requirement of 14 days;
- Collection of payments and remitting premiums to the carrier or the client (or both);
- Daily eligibility submissions (enrollments / terminations) to the carriers;
- Automated data transfer of qualifying events to reduce keying and increase efficiency;
- Processing general (initial) rights notices;
- Online COBRA system for the employer and the participants;
- Retiree administration within the same online COBRA system (if requested); and
- A bilingual call center fully-staffed with helpful representatives.

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We began administering Commuter Benefits as an employer-paid benefit in 1996 and as an employee-paid pre-tax benefit in 1998. Our full Commuter Benefit administrative services include:
 - Offering voucher & transit pass distribution, debit card and cash reimbursements;
- Daily claim reimbursements via check or direct deposit;
- Ability to fax and / or mail all claim submissions;
- Commuter benefit debit card;
- Online system and a toll-free IVR line to access balance and claim information; and
- A bilingual call center fully-staffed with helpful representatives.

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With our 23 years in the industry, we have developed unmatched expertise in administering Section 125 (FSA) plans. We continue to separate ourselves from other third-party administrators by providing full FSA administrative services that include:
- Establishing / updating plan documents and summary plan documents;
- Discrimination testing;
- Daily claim reimbursements via check or direct deposit;
- Flexible spending debit card;
- Online system and toll-free IVR line to access balance & claims information; and
- A bilingual call center fully-staffed with helpful representatives.

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We have used our vast experience in benefits administration to create our proprietary online eligibility system, WORKTERRA™. WORKTERRA™ utilizes the latest technology to bring together online enrollment, laptop enrollment, decision support, Human Resources and payroll integration into one application requiring only one implementation.

WORKTERRA™ Capabilities
- Online Enrollment – manage, communicate & educate 24 hours a day
- Communications – provide employees with multiple options for reviewing benefits information
- Reporting – create reports in any format using any data
- Payroll Integration – enter data in one place, one time, with our single key environment
- Human Resources – all human resource information available on-demand
- Administration Services: we offer superior proprietary technology and support systems that maximize our clients’
  outsourcing options to accompany the admin services provided by EBS since 1987 (Flex, Commuter, COBRA,
  Retiree, Voluntary insurance and invoice reconciliation).
- Security – the privacy & security of your information is our top priority

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