If you commute to work using mass transit, or incur expenses on or near your worksite or at a mass transit location, utilizing our commuter saving calculator below will help determine how much you can save by participating in a commuter/transit reimbursement program.

Enter the amount you spend on the following:
Public transportation (bus, train, ferry, subway, streetcar)  per month
Vanpool  per month
Parking  per month
Total  per month
Enter federal, state & local taxes:  %
Tax (includes Medicare):  %
Estimated Tax Savings:
You save $  per month
You save $  per year

  • Only expenses for the individual participating in the Commuter/Transit reimbursement program are eligible. Expenses for your dependents, and your spouse are not eligible.
  • Only parking expenses that are incurred as a result of parking at or near your place of work or at or near where you take public transportation are eligible.
  • The maximum amounts you can set aside, per IRS guidelines, are $230 per month for mass transit expenses and $230 per month for parking expenses.


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