Founded in 1987, EBS is a creative and unique provider of many top-rated benefit programs. We are dedicated to serving a wide variety of businesses throughout the United States, from small businesses to large national corporations, including municipal clients. EBS has a proven track record of establishing and maintaining relationships with numerous satisfied clients in a variety of industries. Our business has expanded significantly since our inception and continues to grow today, primarily by referrals from existing customers. Our clients and their brokers are spreading the word about EBS and we have expanded our service lines to meet the needs and further the success of our clients' benefit plans.

Our proven service history has allowed us to expand both our service and product menus as the needs of our clients have required, or requested, us to do so. EBS is consistently developing and implementing new products and services. We will readily assist you in the planning and execution of any services within our realm of expertise including:

- Flexible Spending Accounts
- Commuter Benefits
- COBRA Administration
- Retirees
- Voluntary insurance (including on-site enrollments)
- Invoice reconciliation and eligibility tracking

We have also used our vast experience in benefits administration to create our online eligibility system, WORKTERRA™. WORKTERRA™ utilizes the latest technology to bring together online enrollment, laptop enrollment, decision support, Human Resources and payroll into one application requiring only one implementation. Our innovative architecture allows us to deliver more functionality and greater customization at a much lower cost. WORKTERRA™ is the single-source for your human resources, employee benefit administration and financial services needs. You can find more information about our online eligibility system at

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